Meal Sizes


Entreès - Large is about 80 oz., which is 6 generous servings, over 10 oz each. You will actually get two of the Medium containers.

Medium is about 40 oz., and will feed 3 generous servings, over 12 oz. each.

Double is about 28 oz., and will be 2 nice sized servings.

Single Size is about 12 oz, and is one serving.

 Punch Bowls- These meals weigh in at about 16 oz, and are one large serving.

Soups & Sandwich fillings - Large is about 32 oz, and will feed about  4 - 8 oz. servings.

Medium is about 16 oz. and will feed about 2 - 8 oz. servings. *

Personal Size Salads are intended as a single serving.


*Please note that the soups & sandwich fillings are about 8 oz per serving. If a person is a big eater, they may want more than an 8 oz. serving of these items.